Hello Tomorrow Summits and gatherings globally are core to our collective quest to apply deep technologies towards solving mankind’s most crucial challenges. 

Our Summits are singularly empowering platforms that bring together research, business, government, and society around the promise of the most audacious and impactful developments in science and technology.

Deep Tech Epicentre

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    #DigitalHealth & #MedicalDevices, #MedicalBiotech & #Therapeutics

    Our understanding of life and its determinants continues to expand at a quickened pace. We are curing disease, extending life and eradicating poverty. What do these advancements mean for our future bodies? What will it mean to be human in the future?

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     #AdvancedComputing & #Telecommunications, #Data & #AI, #Industry4.0

    The development of processing capabilities and varying types of intelligence will form the evolving basis of how we accomplish personal, industrial and societal tasks at scale. As these engineering substrates solidify, how will this ecology of machine-aided intelligence grow? What opportunities lie in this still uncharted territory?

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    #IndustrialBiotech & #NewMaterials, #Energy & #Environment, #Food & #Agriculture

    The planetary life support systems vital to human survival are at a tipping point, risking abrupt and long-term damage to our ecology. For the sake of our longevity, how must our relationships with the material world be transformed to halt the destruction of this planet’s life support systems?

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    Space & Spaces

    #Aerospace, #Mobility & #UrbanSustainability, #SmartCities 

    From how we navigate our cities to colonising our solar system, our spaces have gotten a whole lot bigger. What are the solutions that bring us closer in both our physical and social spaces? What perspectives should we adopt even as we look to the stars to meet current and future needs?

Together, we seek to engineer a new symbiosis in our global systems by bringing together players across the broadest fields.  

"If tomorrow is being built by the bright stars I met here at Hello Tomorrow, then I have great faith in our future"

Jane Metcalfe

Co-founder of

WIRED & Founder of NEO.LIFE

"A unique initiative where the brightest minds of the science-entrepreneurship ecosystem meet to build the future" 

Michael Bloomberg

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

2016 Speaker

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