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Ask a Scientist

Scientists sharing with curious communities around the world

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Have about a million questions but nobody to answer them?
Join forces with some of your friends, family, and community, and we’ll match you with a scientist dedicated to addressing your curiosities in an interactive dialogue!

Your work is significant, and your expertise rare. You can contribute to making science accessible to many, and bring wonder to future generations of scientists and innovators!

1. Scientists

Connect and interact with all types of beneficiaries globally.

2. Beneficiaries

If you could have a chat with a scientist and ask any question
at all, what might some of these questions be?
Now ask them!

Connect and interact with a scientist anywhere in the world.

If you would simply like to contribute a question to be answered by a relevant scientist in a future session, please submit that here and we’ll keep you updated!


Support Our Programme

We believe that science and education should be

accessible to all – such access is empowering.

There are numerous ways in which we can do this better together.

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