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“We found our lead investor through Hello Tomorrow.”
CEO, Dendra System

"We're in discussions with an investor we found at the Hello Tomorrow APAC Summit 2022"

CEO, Wildfire Energy


Meet with the best deep tech startups 
and investors from the region and globally
Identify promising deep-tech start-ups and prominent VCs, CVCs, and other investors on our app.
Set up your 20-min meetings at each investor’s designated table.
10.00AM - 5.00PM
6.00PM - 8.00PM

1-on-1 meetings
VIP Cocktails (Investors only)

Hello Tomorrow Asia Pacific Summit 2023


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Exclusively for Investor Day investors, LPs, and other VIPs.
By invite only.

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“We found our lead investor through Hello Tomorrow.”

  • What is the Hello Tomorrow Asia Pacific Challenge?
    The APAC Challenge is held in conjunction with the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge – a renowned international start-up competition that’s been running since 2014. It is uniquely designed to address the needs of early-stage deep-tech start-ups across all industries. Together, these Hello Tomorrow Challenges give deep-tech and science-based entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their projects, providing opportunities for equity-free funding, global visibility and connections with key players in the deep-tech ecosystem. To date, previous winners have already raised more than $1 billion in funding. Applications are entirely free, and open until 24 July 2023. All APAC-based applicants immediately qualify for both Challenges which, while related, are judged quite independently of each other. This means extra opportunity across both platforms! The Hello Tomorrow APAC Challenge 2023 concludes with the Finals in Singapore around on 5 October, and the Global Challenge concludes with the Grand Finals during the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on 21-22 March 2024.
  • What are the unique perks of participating in the APAC Challenge?
    This platform offers you additional prizes and visibility, but most of all it’s a springboard for your start-up to the region and beyond! First Prize winner will receive: S$30K equity-free grant Fast-track to SLINGSHOT 2023 Finals Sponsored 10-day trip to Singapore in October 2022 to participate at SWITCH and the preceding immersion week Fast-track to Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2024 Finals Return flights to Paris, France, to attend the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in March 2024 Second and Third Prizes winners will receive: Fast-track to Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2024 Finals Return flights to Paris, France, to attend the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in March 2024 Pitch before a select jury live at the APAC Challenge Finals in Singapore. More wildcard prizes to be announced!
  • How are Hello Tomorrow’s challenges different from other competitions and events?
    We designed the Global Challenge (and the APAC Challenge) specifically for deep-tech start-ups because we know that the needs of deep technologies and the resources required to push them forward are different from those of digital start-ups. At our Summits, you’ll meet experts in science and technology (including investors, executives, entrepreneurs, and potential customers) who have a nuanced understanding of the needs and potential impact of new solutions and want to be part of the deep technology transfer. We provide a platform for regional and global visibility where you can be endorsed as a leading Deep Tech Pioneer, and enjoy connections leading to business and funding opportunities during the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit (3,500 attendees from 110+ countries) and our invite-only Hello Tomorrow Global Investor Day (200+ VCs & CVCs). This year, we're excited to also be hosting the inaugural Hello Tomorrow APAC Investor Day 2023 - a one-of-a-kind opportunity for 150 of our favourite deep-tech start-ups to schedule one-to one meetings with 50 investors. Hello Tomorrow is run by a group of passionate people who basically just really love deep technologies and want to see you get your innovation out into the world!
  • What does it cost to participate in the APAC Challenge?
    Your application to the APAC/ Global Challenge is completely free, and implies no obligation or commitment. Hello Tomorrow does not claim any kind of decision, power, or take any equity on projects or start-ups applying.
  • Do you take any equity in my start-up if I win?
    No; we never have, and can’t see why we ever would. In true Hello Tomorrow spirit, all our prizes are equity-free.
  • Is my information confidential?
    The information you provide on your application will be available to the following parties: Hello Tomorrow Asia Pacific, Hello Tomorrow, and their external IT team (to manage the application platform) Our expert jury members (to evaluate your application) Our partners (corporates and investors looking for potential collaboration or investment opportunities) Though these parties do not sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we and they informally commit to keeping your information for private use only. We may communicate some information publicly (name of your company, country, public description) to promote start-ups. If you believe some information might be too sensitive (because of a pending patent, for example), we advise that you get legal advice from someone within your institution.
  • I’m interested to join the next batch, how may I register to stay informed?
    Join our mailing list at the bottom of this page to stay connected, or follow us on LinkedIn. We look forward to having you next year!
  • Who is eligible?
    We welcome start-ups that: Are in the early-stage of development (from not-yet-incorporated start-ups, up to series A or early commercialisation stages) Are based on a new technology, a scientific discovery or a complex engineering process Have a scientific validation of their claim, a proof of concept, a prototype, or are in the process of producing one (TRL3 and up) Have a team of at least 2 people Are not a subsidiary or spin-off of an existing company Foresee an economically viable application on the market within 15 years Have the potential to have a strong impact on the industry targeted, and on society or the environment in general
  • Can I still apply if I have questions concerning my company's eligibility?
    We will evaluate each applicant on a case by case basis and are happy to have a chat about the unique circumstances of your company. Do complete the application or drop us an email.
  • May I apply even though my start-up has not gained any traction?
    Yes, you absolutely may. Even very early-stage start-ups have advanced to the Finals. That said, external validation and evidence of interest in your technology (such as market surveys, and letters of intent from potential customers/ partners) will benefit your application.
  • Do I have to be incorporated to apply?
    No, you don’t have to be incorporated to apply to the APAC Challenge but you should have clear development plans and goals. In fact, 40% of applicants from previous editions were not incorporated. If a non­incorporated start-up wins the Challenge, no funds will be transferred until the company is incorporated.
  • If I have participated in a previous iteration of the Challenge, may I re-apply with the same concept?
    Yes, you may do so as long as your project has not won in the past. We also assure you that your past applications have no bearing on your subsequent (re-)applications. In fact, repeat applicants have made it all the way to the Finals and won on their 3rd or 4th tries!
  • May I apply with a family/ ecosystem of products/ solutions?
    Yes, you may.
  • May I apply to the APAC Challenge without applying to the Global Challenge?
    No, you can’t. Besides, why would you? Participating in the Global Challenge is an immense opportunity for any deep-tech start-up!
  • May I update my application after it has been submitted?
    Unfortunately not. If you anticipate hitting a critical milestone before the Challenge deadline (i.e. 24 July), especially one that could boost your chances, we’d suggest first saving your application as a draft, then later updating and submitting when you think you’re most ready.
  • May I update my application after the deadline?
    Unfortunately, no, you may not. This keeps the competition fair to all other applicants.
  • May I include in my application a video of our technology in action?
    Yes, videos are always helpful. In fact, they’re often the first thing a jury member reviews.
  • What categories/ verticals are covered?
    We welcome all deep-tech start-ups. Your technology/ application should fit in at least one of our 10 categories this year: Digital Health & Medical Devices Medical Biotech & Pharmaceuticals Industrial Biotech & New Materials Energy Environment Food & Agriculture Sustainable Construction and Infrastructure Aerospace Industry 4.0 & Autonomous Machines Advanced Computing & Electronics If you don’t think your technology/ application fits within any of these categories, please choose the closest fitting category or contact us for help.
  • How do I choose the best category/ vertical for my project?
    Choosing the right category is important, but it is not the be-all and end-all. If you think your project fits more than one category, pick the one you think you’ll have the best chance of winning. Besides finding the best fit for your technology and its potential applications, you should also consider your would-be competitors in the track to maximise your chance of winning. If the jury strongly believes your project fits better in another category, however, we’ll reach out and suggest a change of categories.
  • If I relate to more than one category may I put in multiple applications for the same project?
    No, even if your technology/start-up falls into more than one category (as most do), you may pick only one. To optimise your chances, our tip here is to strategically pick the category that you think will be less “crowded” or "competitive".
  • When will I know if I'm selected?
    Applicants will be notified in early September if they made it to the APAC Challenge Finals (October, in Singapore).
  • What is the selection process of the APAC Challenge?
    This happens in sync with that of the Global Challenge, and takes place in 5 distinct stages. Applicants will be informed of their progress at each stage. APAC Challenge Finalists – The APAC jury selects 15 Finalists, and each Finalist will be individually informed in early September. These Finalists will be invited to pitch live during the APAC Challenge Finals in October in Singapore. APAC Challenge Winners – The APAC jury selects 1 Winner of the APAC Challenge who will fast-track to the SLINGSHOT Finals (October 2023, in Singapore), and the global jury selects 3 Finalists that will fast-track to the Global Challenge Finals (March 2024, in Paris). Deep Tech Pioneers – The global jury selects the best start-ups based on the quality of their online application and welcomes them to the Deep Tech Pioneers community so they can get immediate access to available benefits. Global Challenge Finalists – Details to be confirmed Global Challenge Winners – Details to be confirmed
  • Who evaluates the applications, and how?
    Applications are reviewed by expert jury members (investors, entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, and other experts in the respective fields). For the APAC Challenge Finals, a list and profile of the APAC jury members will be published online and made accessible to applicants prior to the event. All applications are judged according to the following criteria: Technological innovation: The applicant must develop a product/ service based on a new technology, a scientific discovery, or a complex engineering process Impact: The applicant must have the potential to make a substantial long-term impact on business and/or society Economic viability: The applicant should have well-formulated development plans, objectives, and a sustainable business model Team: The applicant must have visionary leadership with the capabilities to drive the company towards success During the APAC Challenge Finals, the APAC jury members rate and select projects based on the quality of the pitch and the complementary information that’s being provided to them after the initial selection rounds (1-page summary and pitch deck).
  • Will I be penalised if my technology is not 100% proven or ready for market?
    No, our Challenge was precisely built to serve the earliest-stage deep-tech start-ups. As long as your project is TRL 3 and up (i.e. minimally a proof of concept), you’re good to go! For instance, our Global Challenge 2014 Grand Winner, ONWARD (formerly GTX medical), hadn’t yet commenced on clinical trials when they won. Similarly, our 2016 Grand Winner, Lilium, also hadn’t yet had a working prototype when they won. In fact, Lilium's only just now starting to produce 25 copies of their 7-seater eVTOL jets!
  • Will I receive any pitching support if I make it to the APAC Finals?
    Yes, you’ll receive dedicated 1-to-1 coaching sessions with an assigned mentor to help you align and sharpen your pitch.
  • Do I have to pitch as a team?
    Nope! While you should already have a team of at least two, only one of you will be pitching at the Finals. We know your teammates will be cheering you on from the sidelines!
  • Does my performance at the APAC Challenge affect my chances at the Global Challenge, or vice versa?
    Not at all. Except for the special privilege where three APAC Challenge Finalists get selected to fast-track to the Global Challenge Finals, each of these challenges are judged independently of the other. For example, an applicant who doesn’t qualify for the APAC Challenge Finals might very well still be selected to advance to the Global Challenge Grand Finals!
  • I’m not based in Singapore – will my inability to be physically present to pitch at the APAC Challenge Finals affect my chances?
    As the Finals will be held in-person, unless due to extenuating circumstances (and considered on a case-by-case basis), Finalists must commit to attending the Finals in person.




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VIP Cocktails


Hello Tomorrow APAC Summit 2023

26th Sep, 6.00PM-8.00PM
For Investor Day investors, 
LPs, and VIPs.
By invite only

27th Sep, 9.30AM-5.00PM
Radical dialogue over our state of innovation.

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