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Engineered Symbiosis , n.

A mutually beneficial relationship between man and its environment enabled by technology.

Our Raison D'être

Our Role

Man enjoyed a natural symbiosis with the planet; we adapted to and evolved in sync with each other, and thrived on a mutually beneficial relationship. In recent millennia, technology turbo-charged man's evolution to a point where we have, unfortunately, become parasitic to our environment.

To reinstate this symbiosis, we need breakthroughs.

We believe in an (engineered) symbiosis, through which we continue to develop solutions that secure our collective wellbeing, while reducing our impact on our planet, restoring it and building up its resilience. 

We’re a global collective of optimists and do-ers with a shared objective – to unlock the powers of deep technologies to solve our toughest global challenges.

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

To reinstate this symbiosis, we need breakthroughs

Image by Paweł Czerwiński
Image by Paweł Czerwiński

We must radically transform the ways in which we sustain our activities

and power our industries.

Such transformation can be supported by emerging technologies – rooted in science and advanced engineering – that offer new, innovative production methods.


These technologies hold unparalleled potential, yet require unprecedented resources, energy, and creative collaboration to bring positive change to our planet, society and industries quickly.

Our Story

Hello Tomorrow originated in Paris, France in the early 2010s as a group of PhD students banding together to support each other’s work (because the European debt crisis would have none of it). Having been run as a volunteer-driven non-profit organisation, Hello Tomorrow has organically grown to become the foremost deep-tech ecosystem globally.

Our founding ethos and spirit will never waver – at the heart of everything it is that we do, we advocate for the boldest innovations so that they may sooner become realities.

Today, the global organisation remains headquartered in Paris, and Hello Tomorrow Asia Pacific serves as one of its 7 hubs around the world. With a dedicated team and some very precious volunteers, we operate primarily from Singapore to serve the Asia Pacific region.

Having now built the world’s largest ecosystem of deep-tech actors, we view our role as one that:

Identifies and supports innovators early on in this crucial yet challenging journey
Connects the dots and fosters collaboration among the numerous disparate stakeholders
Reveals and communicates global insights to help each of us, in our respective roles, do this better together
Hosts open dialogue that necessarily questions the roles and boundaries of technological advancements
Draws on the ingenuity of our community to grow science curiosity among the masses, and to inspire and enable future generations of changemakers
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