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Our Services

Our work centres around helping people and organisations spark sustainable growth

and capture the greatest opportunities arising with the ascent of deep technology.

We work with corporates, governments and institutions to discover emerging technologies,

develop new markets, build agility and collaborate with ecosystems

crucial to building your vision and drive progress in your projects.

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The Innovation Cycle

To innovate, we must be able to accommodate mistakes while simultaneously insisting on operational excellence. This is a duality that is difficult to implement and forms the basis of most of the pitfalls encountered during the process.

Circumventing these requires an adaptable framework that is strategy-led, agile and geared towards action. Through our Innovation Cycle, we collaborate as holistically or modularly with partners based on their unique needs, to achieve new capabilities to flourish tomorrow.


Future Map

 We focus on business strategy as a starting point to build innovation strategy. We look at emerging economic models, key technological advancements and customer trends to prioritise domains of exploration and investment. Our knowledge platform allows clients to understand the most promising technological developments before their competitors and map a path to dominance.    


Fundamental to successfully executing an innovation-led growth strategy is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of existing systems. We help organisations identify the critical capabilities needed and provide external muscle to enable individuals, teams and systems to execute with confidence.


We work closely with clients to identify the missing pieces, articulate robust problem statements and locate the best solutions. Together, we create and fill a funnel that is well balanced and that allows high quality throughput to flow through to where the spark is most needed.


Developing product-market fit with or through a partner takes the relationship from experimentation to execution. We take our clients and start-ups/ solution providers through a tested, well-defined process of alignment and collaboration to generate wins.          


The best ideas can come from both within and without. We create incubation programmes which provide intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs the right support structure on which to propagate and grow. In a world of shortening innovation, product and business life cycles, the incubation process is crucial to quickly discovering and turning around successful projects, while dropping less successful ones to preserve resources.


Maximising innovation returns is premised on the speed with which the best projects scale. We enable partners to scale and deploy by testing use cases and economic models, internalising the learnings to quickly create successful models of collaboration, all while involving the participation of the wider value chain to ensure that the models withstand scrutiny and continue to scale in complex real-world use scenarios.  

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