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The world needs breakthroughs

Through our prestigious, long-standing Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, and other industry challenges, we bring together the stakeholders necessary to turn the most ambitious innovations for better tomorrows to reality, rapidly. Come capture your greatest opportunities.

Hello Tomorrow Challenges

Live Challenge Opportunities

“We had the privilege to experience how Hello Tomorrow connects businesses, capital and government, and how you genuinely want to help founders make things happen in the market.”

CEO, X-Zell

(Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Challenge Finalist 2019)

"You won’t find apps like Instagram for dogs, but you might see the next startup working on nuclear fusion or sending you to the moon"


Balderton Capital

"Thanks to the credibility earned by winning the Challenge, and increased visibility among investors & health actors, we’ve raised $1.5M to date. We’ve also been able to scale up the business, join a famous accelerator in China, and create a second generation of our scanner"

CEO, RxAll (Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2019 Winner)

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