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About the job

Lead, Community & Communications


Hello Tomorrow Asia Pacific seeks a dynamic, fun-loving individual to champion our community engagement efforts in the region.

They will work closely with team members to lead ecosystem-building and outreach, which would entail strengthening all our channels (both offline and online) through which such stakeholder relationships are maintained and nurtured. From designing and curating dialogues and events that we’ll host, to amplifying our messaging online and through our networks, engineering opportunities for serendipitous human connections to be had lies at the heart of this role.


Hello Tomorrow supports the development and commercialisation of deep technologies to address our toughest global challenges. We’ve built a global ecosystem focused on the acceleration of ambitious innovations for impact at scale.

- We build a collaborative ecosystem:

To bring innovations to life we connect all key players — start-ups, institutions, investors, accelerators, and industry leaders — through programmes, dialogues, and competitions around the globe.

- We empower key stakeholders:

We provide innovation consulting and services to help corporations and governments leverage the potential of emerging technologies, understand the impact on their organisations, and collaborate with start-ups to accelerate their businesses.

- We uncover opportunities:

We identify and analyse innovation trends and dynamics; and host dialogues that thoroughly consider the evolving roles of emerging technologies in our society.


With support from the team, the Lead will be expected to:


  1. Actively engage with and build the region’s deep tech innovation ecosystem, identifying, articulating, and valorising synergies between and among varied stakeholders;

  2. Design, plan, and execute all community-related activities and events (e.g. hosting roundtables, start-up demo days, networking events, etc.); and

  3. frame, propose, and execute on the organisation’s communications and visibility strategies.


1. Ecosystem-building and partnerships

  • Mapping and coordinating outreach to ecosystem players (including but not limited to universities, research institutions, venture builders, incubators, and accelerators) to explore partnerships

  • Fostering deeper, win-win relationships with ecosystem partners, and amplifying collective network effects

  • Exploring meaningful opportunities and avenues for collaboration

  • Encouraging and increasing start-up participation in our Challenge/s, and sharing with them about the organisation’s support mechanisms available to them

2. Community-building and events

  • Designing and engineering opportunities for the wider community to be engaged with emerging deep-tech innovations, such as through the organisation of content-driven events (e.g. panel discussions, workshops), closed-door networking sessions, and our annual Hello Tomorrow APAC Summit

  • Follow-ups post events to explore opportunities

  • Facilitating valuable connections among our community

3. Communications

  • In alignment with the organisation’s planned activities, taking charge of and optimising our shared content and external messaging across our newsletters (MailChimp), socials (LinkedIn), and website (Wix)

  • Activating our ecosystem partners to share calls-to-action


To thrive in this capacity, they should naturally be:


  1. Personable people-persons, always be setting others at ease and keen to value-add;

  2. Articulate and effective communicators, adept and tasteful at curating and enforcing organisational voice, style, and language; and familiar and comfortable with online channels (e.g. newsletters, social media, website);

  3. Empathetic, and always thinking critically and creatively on their feet, quick to identify and understand pain points and problem-solve; and

  4. Strong in planning and execution, with a knack for thinking far and broad, and a preference for diversified exposure.


2-4 years of professional working experience, with an undergraduate degree in any field.

Candidates with a background in community building, PR, marketing, corporate communications, journalism, and/ or content creation (especially within the fields of technical innovation, venture building, or ecosystem multipliers), or who have played key roles in the organisation of multi-faceted events will be favourably considered.


What we do is challenging, yet purposeful work. Our team is intentional about playing on each member’s strengths, applying ourselves towards areas that each of us would personally find fascinating, and satisfied in accomplishing. We support each other closely, and do our best to accommodate when life gets in the way. There are no stupid questions, and we treat each other with utmost respect as valued individuals.

To roll with our team and be one with our ecosystem of creative daredevils, you should be an effective communicator, tireless in the face of tough questions, endlessly curious, and, above all – genuine, gritty, tenacious, resourceful, and responsible. This is a fast-paced multi-cultural environment, so your time management skills must be impeccable, and you should enjoy thinking on the fly and embracing challenges head-on.

Fundamentally, the ideal candidate is deeply curious and thoughtfully optimistic about technical innovations; and intends to, over time, form a nuanced perspective of how research & academia, start-ups, governments, private capital markets, and corporates may intersect to develop meaningful innovations at scale. They are organised and considered, keen to respectfully challenge and improve the status quo.

Communityship is deeply embedded in Hello Tomorrow’s DNA. The ideal candidate is purpose-driven, trustworthy, and affable, able to engage purposefully and genuinely with all backgrounds and interests. All of Hello Tomorrow’s team members serve as pillars of the community that we have built, and the person filling this role will be expected to do no less.

In addition, they must be proactive and self-initiated, relational and communicative, working well collaboratively as part of a tight-knit team, as well as independently. Dynamism and the keenness to scale quickly up the learning curve cannot be overstated qualities – they must be eager for growth, while upholding excellence in all that they and the team represent. Professionalism and polish are a must, alongside enthusiasm to roll up their sleeves to do what needs to be done is assumed.

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