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Hello Tomorrow
Innovation Alliance 

A tailored acceleration programme designed to catapult

Singapore-based companies to France.

We help you develop a targeted market-access strategy, and 

connect you to the right potential customers, suppliers, and partners,

leveraging Hello Tomorrow’s mentorship network,

in-house consulting team, and business events.

Our 2021 run has just concluded (in case you were wondering,

it went so great - updates coming soon!).

Register your interest for 2022!

Why France?

France offers one of the most generous R&D tax incentives among OECD and partner economies, making it that much easier launching deep-tech startups or investing in R&D. It also offers a special French Tech Visa - a simplified, fast-track scheme for non-EU startup employees, founders, and investors to obtain a residence permit for France.

Generous Incentives

In France, SMEs accounted for 86% of R&D tax relief recipients in 2017. Funds like the Bourse French Tech subsidises up to 70% of eligible startup expenses, and the €400M French Tech Seed co-invests alongside angels.

Startups & SMEs

Nearly half of all adults in France have a tertiary degree, and the proportion of graduates in natural sciences, mathematics, and statistics is one of the highest among OECD countries. France also ranks 7th in the world for hourly labour productivity, ahead of Germany (8th) and the UK (18th).

Rich Talent Pool

The government has actively ploughed into growing the French

start-up ecosystem, contributing to the creation of innovative companies with strong growth potential. Today, it's home to more than 18,000 start-ups, over 370,000 employees,

240 incubators, and

50 accelerators.

Bustling Ecosystem

gradcolor (2).jpg


  • Introduction to your mentors who'll be supporting you throughout the programme
  • Understanding the French ecosystem and formulating your point of entry
  • Review of collaboration frameworks and customer-centricity to help you secure buy-in

  • Identifying, reviewing, and assessing leads uniquely valuable to you
  • Introducing you, and arranging for meetings

  • Refined objectives and market entry strategy
  • Nuanced understanding of the French ecosystem
  • Successful meetings scheduled
  • Masterclasses on innovation, and business practices in France
  • Mentoring sessions (in the form of workshops) around resources including grants, incubation structures, and fundraising
  • Preparation for and pitching to investors

  • Guided tour of the local ecosystem
  • Networking
  • Planned meetings
  • Participate at our Deep Tech Days

  • Meet with identified leads
  • Gain exposure to the French ecosystem and explore prospects
  • Begin executing your market entry strategy

Hear From Our Startups

"We had the privilege to experience how you connect capital and government, and how you genuinely want to help founders make things happen in the market."

Sebastián Grote
Head of Strategy, X-Zell

Image by Yeo Khee

Eligibility & Fees

We welcome all Singapore-incorporated companies that:

  • are growth-stage start-ups to SMEs, and

  • have relevant market entry plans with clear objectives and readiness to enter France.

S$5,000 if your company has at least 30% local shareholding.


Our 2021 run has just concluded (in case you were wondering,

it went so great - updates coming soon!).

Register your interest for 2022!


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