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About the job



Hello Tomorrow Asia Pacific seeks interns who would like to contribute to and build experience in the Asia Pacific deep-tech ecosystem. It will be a deeply rewarding experience that offers candidates an alternative perspective of and exposure to a wide breadth of deep-tech start-ups, and the support mechanisms that we build around them. You will:

  1. Gain multifaceted exposure to Hello Tomorrow’s deep-tech innovation ecosystem, 

  2. Work closely with senior team members across various start-up centric engagements, and 

  3. Engage with our ecosystem stakeholders (incl. start-ups, corporates, research & academia, investors, and governments) in community building activities.


Hello Tomorrow supports the development and commercialisation of deep technologies to address our toughest global challenges. We’ve built a global ecosystem focused on the acceleration of ambitious innovations for impact at scale.

- We build a collaborative ecosystem:

To bring innovations to life we connect all key players — start-ups, institutions, investors, accelerators, and industry leaders — through programmes, dialogues, and competitions around the globe.

- We empower key stakeholders:

We provide innovation consulting and services to help corporations and governments leverage the potential of emerging technologies, understand the impact on their organisations, and collaborate with start-ups to accelerate their businesses.

- We uncover opportunities:

We identify and analyse innovation trends and dynamics; and host dialogues that thoroughly consider the evolving roles of emerging technologies in our society.


You will be involved in community-building activities that help drive dialogue and build support structures for deep-tech start-ups to grow/ scale more quickly, such as: 

  • mapping the deep-tech eco-systems in various regions and within specific verticals, identifying potential partners and crafting outreach messages to initiate conversations with them;

  • scouting and recruiting deep-tech start-ups from across the Asia Pacific, for the Hello Tomorrow Challenge as well as other start-up calls;

  • formulating discussions and roundtables around innovation development across a range of industries

  • helping to plan, design, and execute community events, including webinars, roundtables and fire-side chats, in-person and virtual.

  • following up after such events to seek feedback and deepen connections made

Ultimately, you will help create the capacity required to deliver successful outcomes in translating science to industry, and help strengthen the relationships and depth of dialogue required to make this a reality. 


The ideal candidate is deeply curious about technical innovations, and quick to identify how a sophisticated tapestry of stakeholders might be engaged to support the development of meaningful innovations at scale. 

You are analytical and empathetic, able to respectfully challenge and improve the status quo, and function as a champion in driving new initiatives. You thrive in fast-paced and oftentimes ambiguous environments, where the opportunity to do something for the first time is relished rather than shunned. You are polished and professional at all times, while also always the first to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty. 

In addition, you should  

  • be a strong team player that’s responsible, dependable, and with demonstrated experience in tightly managing complex timelines and projects; 

  • possess strong communication and facilitation skills; 

  • always be thinking critically, asking good questions, and be comfortable with scaling up the learning curve quickly; 

  • maintain excellence in your work and be highly organised; 

  • have a deep interest in the potential for cutting-edge scientific technologies to make meaningful impacts in the world; and 

  • most importantly, be personable and have the ability to drive interesting conversations with people from all walks of life.

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